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CHRONICA | the first solo exhibition show

Can words describe a journey of 5 years of your life?

Is a question that came across my mind when I sit and try to write it down..

to write down the journey, the flow, the feelings, the projects, the bad parts, the good ones, the love.. perhaps life it self. HOW..?

The only answer I could ever think about is make it VISUAL :)

That moment, that little struggle of writing down my thoughts, sparked the project that is about to take 5 month of my life and become a part of the show!

The ideas came as soon as the journey began. and grown as we go..

I say we, because I am surrounded with friends that are crazy enough to join the bizarre dreams of my and make it happen is defiantly not gonna be a simple task.

The idea was to take this 5 years period and divine them into 5 chapters, the big ones, on the macro level.

Every chapter became a room in the show.

As a visitor, I want you to get into my shoes and feel the atmosphere during the chapter you're currently walking into..

At the entrance, you give away your phone or camera to the freaky girl character (NOAM), so you can be in the moment.

then you get a mask and ready to enter..


when you enter the first room called "beginning" you find an abstract character (ARIEL) who act weird and communicate in a bizarre way with no words.

the music around you is recorded specially for it, as for every other room by FRESH, It was a weird and flowing baseline..

the room was colored with abstract colors and shapes..

and the works I did that time (2012 - 2013) around hanging on the walls.

The room will make you feel an unknown feelings and mixed emotions as I felt when I began my journey and moved to Tel Aviv.


when you enter the second room called "street" you find an urban character (ARTOUR) who act weird as well and communicate in a bizarre way with no words, this time with more flow and more contact with you. the walls sprayed with urbanic taging with fat caps and in a trashy way, the music is an industrial baseline with deep base as it felt that time for me (2013-2014), the time I started painting and spraying around Tel Aviv and meeting all the people around..


when you enter the 3rd room called "low gear" you find an scary shamanic character (ANNA) who room around with smokey elements and spells you with no words. The music in that room was mistical ceremonial deep sacred singing with low and slow bases.

the room itself was brownish look dark with not enough light and covered with smoke and different aromas that made by the "Shaman".

the paintings around you made between 2014-2015, A time I felt I'm losing it, a time everything was crashing around me in my life, as losing a grandfather, and a close friend a year after a part of bad diet and low healthcare, found myself "almost dyeing" and mentally disordered with low energy..

continuing to work and start a new life agenda to recover, involving allot of meditation ,workout and eating "right".


when you enter the 4th room called "In love" you find an dancing cute looking female character (TOM) who dance around and with you, flirting and playing while in the background is a Jazzy summer feel jumpy music. the room itself is yellowish and pretty big so you can feel more open and refreshed.

the works around you is from 2016-2017 the time I feel good after recovering from those 2 years of darkness and exploration. falling in love and beginning a new chapter I call "in love".


when you enter the 5th tiny room that have a squeaky self closing door all covered with black color and 3 works on it called "the crash" you find nothing, I'ts a 2sqm room with bizarre and bad vibe music that should make you want to run away from it, represents the depression I had after realizing I'm going on the wrong path, a half year of almost zero creation and zero motivation.

The chapter from witch I started the journey to make this exhibition after meeting with a girl who became part of the making of the exhibition Naama.


The 6th and the biggest and the last room you enter called 'Present" represent the present moment you are in. no more mask needed, you entered a one way room and you can take all your stuff back.

in this room as you enter you'll meet the character of "the mad professor" witch is FRESH. making a live performance of beatbox and vocal looping on a Turbo sound system that rocks the whole building.

Then for the second part of the night playing glitchi crazy music set Golan aka BAYAWAKA.

In the center of the room you'll meet the island laboratory with the character of the "psycho left alone in the lab" (DUBI) that is chained to the cieling from it's neck with zero communication, serving you unknown colorful drinks in a different testing tubes from the lab.

the character represents the chemical experiences I've been through the past years.

He is the bad boy left alone and doing some irrepressible shit.

in the and of the room there is a rough metal improvised unreachable stage, witch I'm painting on live.



all the participants and the characters of the exhibition was more then just a show, they are part of the art as they all have a tattoo made by me during the sacred ceremony.

The exhibition was planed for 5 month and was closed by the police after 4 hours from the moment it started due high volume and blocking the street with hundreds of people waiting to get in as there is a limit of 78 people inside (the amount of the masks).

The exhibition was all built in 28 hours and all the rooms except the "present" was built illegally from nothing in the street.

10 days before the exhibition I crashed my bike when a cat jumped into my front wheel.

Hit my right hand (the painting one) so badly I can't band my fingers properly 1 year later.

most of the rest working I did was left handed and with a lot of help from my friends.


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