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Ros plazma working on his solo exhibitiom

In everything I  do I believe I can challenge the status quo of art.

I  believe in thinking different, I believe in creation that the common sense doesn’t think it’s possible.

I  believe in inspiring other artists to create and break the rules and make the best of themselves.

The way I challenge the statues quo is by making art and products designed with the use of different materials experiments and recycling, so it would be natural as possible, tasty for the eyes and the environment.

My life is art and I  make everything I can to get people feel and understand me and my beliefs through my works. I believe everyone should do it.

it is a wonderful way of communication.

Tal Haran - curator:

"Ros had a clear vision since he was 26, there is no choice but being an artist.


At first, it was viewed with surrealistic shapes and colors. Throughout the years it had developed into an infinite demonstrations of art.

Ros artwork differ itself by presenting an intense, yet short term, development of skills.

He blurred the boundaries between one media to another, and wish to uncover the basics of human perception and sensation.


From specific and accurate drawing, street art and murals, tattooing, and all the way to large scale installations, Ros Plazma is most known for his saddens visions and a quick execution. It is his choice of tools, Ros revealing new ways to transform inspiration into matter."

"Wide Walls":

Ros Plazma is Israeli artist from Tel Aviv who uses art to make delicate, but powerful and suggestive statements about his feelings about the world, by painting walls or human bodies.

As more cities join the world street art scene, thanks largely to an enthusiastic youth culture sharing images across the internet and handheld devices, you see new artists popping up on the street almost daily. For Tel Aviv, known by many as a vibrant party city that never sleeps, there has been a blooming street art scene in the last five years that mimics some of those international styles even as it clearly is developing its own local aesthetic. One of the shining stars from Israel is Ross Plazma.

Plazma’s trademark is the so called “Plazma lab”. Symbolism of an Art hub where one can dwell in to anything he wants to express. Apart from being a symbol it’s a one stop shop for top notch, best of the best Art, Accessories, Brands, Original Artwork from Israeli Artists. It is a creative laboratory, a place where team of artistic scientists constantly experiment on new ways of morphing visions from mind to fabric. It is extremely important for them to be fully involved in every aspect of the production, from finding the highest quality fabrics and meticulously choosing colors to constantly improving cuts which are also made in the studio. They are always trying to come up with new fresh designs and ways to refine printing techniques, so they know the product is in the highest-quality possible. All their t-shirts, hoodies and other products are made at the lab. Everything is designed in-house.

Ros Plazma lives and works in Tel Aviv, Isreal.

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