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Ros plazma working on his solo exhibitiom

Photo by: Tomer Herman

About Ros

Ros - is an artist with a diverse background and a passion for creative expression. He was born in Ukraine and grew up in Israel. You might have known him as RosPlazma, but as he enters a new chapter in his life, he has recently changed his name.

Born in 1986, he considers himself an artist who embraces various forms of creativity.

Throughout his artistic journey, he has explored a wide range of mediums and disciplines. From creating vibrant murals to scouting out new inspiration, from diving into the world of interior design to even constructing temples, he has always been fascinated by the limitless possibilities of artistic expression. He is not confined by any particular material or medium; instead, he loves pushing boundaries and discovering the depth of reality itself.

His artistic endeavors have gained recognition, particularly in the realm of street art and design. As his skills developed, he also ventured into the world of tattoo artistry. This unique form of expression allowed him to leave a lasting mark on people, both figuratively and literally.

After spending two years living in Panama, where he had the incredible opportunity to build a temple, he returned to Israel with a clear purpose and mission. He wanted to create a collaborative studio that would bring together artists from all walks of life. This vision gave birth to Co.Lab, a space where diverse artists merge their talents, ideas, and perspectives, resulting in organic and breathtaking collaborations.

In Co.Lab, he strives to break down barriers and nurture a creative environment that fosters innovation and synergy. By combining their individual strengths and visions, they aim to create something truly remarkable, where art transcends boundaries and resonates with people on a profound level.

His journey as an artist has been an exhilarating one, and he is excited for the future that lies ahead. As he continues to explore uncharted territory and delve deeper into the essence of reality, he is committed to leaving an indelible mark on the world through his art.

In everything I  do I believe I can challenge the status quo of art.

I  believe in thinking different, I believe in creation that the common sense doesn’t think it’s possible.

I  believe in inspiring other artists to create and break the rules and make the best of themselves.

The way I challenge the statues quo is by making art and products designed with the use of different materials experiments and recycling, so it would be natural as possible, tasty for the eyes and the environment.

My life is art and I  make everything I can to get people feel and understand me and my beliefs through my works. I believe everyone should do it.

it is a wonderful way of communication.

Tal Haran - curator:

"Ros had a clear vision since he was 26, there is no choice but being an artist.


At first, it was viewed with surrealistic shapes and colors. Throughout the years it had developed into an infinite demonstrations of art.

Ros artwork differ itself by presenting an intense, yet short term, development of skills.

He blurred the boundaries between one media to another, and wish to uncover the basics of human perception and sensation.


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